What Is the Plot of "Ip Man 2"?


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In "Ip Man 2," after migrating to Hong Kong in 1949, grandmaster Ip Man opens a martial arts academy to support his family and spread his discipline of Wing Chun. He faces opposition from local martial arts masters, however, who challenge the unproven Ip Man.

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Wing Chun martial artist Ip Man picks up where the first film ended. Having escaped the Japanese occupation of his hometown of Foshan, China, he and his family migrate to Hong Kong. To support his family, the grandmaster opens a martial arts academy, but he meets with resistance from other local martial arts masters, led by Hung Chun-nam, who informs Ip Man that to open a school, he must first prove himself.

After defeating the Hong Kong masters and gaining their respect, Hung invites Ip Man to a British competition where Taylor “Twister” Milos, a Western boxing champion of the British rule occupying Hong Kong, brazenly insults the students and their masters. Compelled to defend their honor, Hung fights Twister but is beaten to death. Following the news of Hung’s death, Twister announces that he is willing to accept any challenge by the Chinese, prompting Ip Man to rise to the challenge.

Despite his wife going into labor, Ip Man trains for his fight against Twister. When the fight finally commences, Twister first overwhelms Ip Man with brute strength, but in a sudden change of strategy, Ip Man attacks and disables the boxer’s arms. Emerging victorious, Ip Man delivers a speech to the audience, affirming that respect should be given regardless of racial differences. Ip Man then returns home to his wife and his newborn son. In the final scene, a boy introduces himself to Ip Man as Bruce Lee. Ip Man smiles and tells the boy to return when he is older.

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