What Is the Plot of the Film "Sydney White"?


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"Sydney White" is a retelling of Snow White, featuring Amanda Bynes as the title character. The story is set at Saint Ambrose University, with the plot revolving around the Kappa Sorority.

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"Sydney White" begins with the title character attending college, hoping to join the Kappa Sorority, of which her mother was a member. At school, White becomes friends with Demetria Hotchkiss, played by Crystal Hunt, who is also a pledge to the Kappa Sorority. White soon encounters Tyler Prince, played by Matt Long, the president of a popular campus fraternity. Prince is immediately attracted to White. This angers his girlfriend, Rachel Witchburn, played by Sara Paxton, who is also the president of Kappa Sorority.

Over the course of the film, White is forced to endure humiliation from Witchburn in order to be admitted to Kappa. However, White defiantly overcomes all of Witchburn's obstacles, and her strength in doing so earns her numerous fans. Despite White's success, Witchburn denies her admittance to the sorority, claiming White "cheated" on one of the tests. White allies with a group of nerds, who were also humiliated by Witchburn, and they come up with a plan to oust Witchburn as Student Council President. Syndey's popularity makes the plan a success, and White becomes president and begins dating Prince.

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