What Is the Plot of "Despicable Me"?


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The plot of “Despicable Me” follows criminal mastermind Gru as he tries to steal the moon. Gru begins to plot his evil plan after finding out that another villain, Vector, stole an Egyptian pyramid. He believes his plan might overshadow Vector’s recent crime, making him the greatest thief of all time.

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During the film, Gru also adopts three girls and uses them as pawns for his upcoming plan. He soon finds himself with predicament of choosing to become a great father or a great criminal.

Gru’s decision to steal the moon also comes from his childhood dream of one day becoming an astronaut. He decides that he must build a rocket ship and obtain a shrink-ray in order to steal the moon. Gru realizes the plan is too expensive for him, so he must get a loan from the Bank of Evil. The bank’s president likes Gru’s plan and decides to only provide the money if Gru obtains the shrink-ray first. Gru and his minions successfully steal the shrink-ray, but it’s immediately stolen by Vector.

Gru soon retrieves the shrink-ray, and shrinks and steals the moon, only to exchange it for the lives of the adopted girls, whom Vector kidnaps. After the exchange, Vector does not return the girls, necessitating a rescue by Gru and his Minions.

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