What Are Some Places That Offer Free Large-Print Bibles?


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As of October 2015, organizations that distribute free large-print Bibles include Lutheran Braille Workers and Christianity.com. Lutheran Braille Workers offers large-print Bibles and other related publications in a number of languages, while Christianity.com features an online large-print Bible formatted for home printing.

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Founded in 1943 to aid blind ministers in Germany, Lutheran Braille Workers offers free printed copies of Braille and large-print Bibles to impaired individuals. The organization publishes its large-print Bible as a set of 37 spiral-bound volumes. Typeset in 18-point font, this Bible takes up about 2 feet of shelf space. Lutheran Braille Workers also offers a complete Spanish large-print Bible, as well as partial large-print Bible publications in other languages, including French, German, Apache, Russian and Tagalog. Individuals can call a toll-free number to request an English large-print Bible.

Christianity.com devotes itself to expanding public understanding of the Christian faith and making the Bible as freely available as possible. As part of this goal, the organization offers a complete large-print Bible on its website. Individuals can read the edition online or download and print it for offline reading.

Publishers design large-print books with larger typefaces and easy-to-read fonts to aid the visually impaired. Large-print Bibles give people with poor eyesight the ability to read and study scriptures without struggling with small text or magnifying devices.

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