What Are Some Places to Listen to Music Before Buying It?


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The Lifehacker website reviewed the best free online music streaming services, and named Spotify and Rdio as excellent services for listening to specific artists. While most streaming services provide radio stations that shuffle between artists with limited skips, Spotify and Rdio allow users to find full albums by any artist.

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Spotify and Rdio both offer a limited mobile option, so they work best on a desktop computer. Neither free service provides on-demand playback of specific albums on mobile phones as of 2015. It is still an option to use Spotify on a mobile phone, but instead of allowing the user to pick the artist or album, the app just shuffles all songs saved by a user with songs by similar artists. Similarly, Rdio allows users to listen to themed radio stations on their phone or tablet, but unlike the desktop version, the stations include ads and limit the number of song skips per hour.

One feature both Spotify and Rdio provide is allowing users to build personal music collections from their libraries of songs. Both services allow users to save any song that they provide and access a list of saved songs as a personal music library, and both services boast a library of over 30 million songs.

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