What Are Some Places to Find Free Hydroponics Building Plans?

The Home Hydro Systems and Simplyhydro.com websites offer free hydroponics building plans. Building a hydroponics system at home is generally cheaper than buying a pre-made version, while a home-made system can also be customized according to available space, type of plants and number of plants.

The plans on Home Hydro Systems include a basic drip system, an expandable water culture system and a small system for a window herb garden. Plans include a list of materials and explanations for each stage of building, including photographs.

Simplyhydro.com features plans for hydroponics system components such as pH controllers and light splitters, together with diagrams and explanations.

Wick systems and ebb and flow systems are generally simpler to set up, as they do not require electrical pumps. Wick systems are particularly suited to small spaces, such as window ledges.