How Do You Place a Classified Ad for a Used Car in a Newspaper?


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There are two ways to submit a classified ad to a newspaper: online and by phone. Many newspapers have the option of submitting an ad on their websites under a Classifieds tab. Calling the classifieds department at the newspaper enables a member of staff there to help write the ad.

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When submitting a used car ad via an online form, several websites walk users through building the ad. Other sites have templates to follow when creating content. If calling the classified department, be sure to have all pertinent information on hand before making the call. At minimum, the ad will need the maintenance history and a clear, fair asking price. Consider including the mileage of the car, and state who has performed maintenance on the vehicle, whether that's the owner, a dealership or a mechanic.

In order to determine the asking price, consult sources such as Kelley Blue Book or cars.com. These sites also have sections on writing an ad, and they also offer ad templates.

Research shows that ads featuring photos perform better than those without. Take photos from different angles and detail shots such as interior, exterior and close up shots of unique features. Any modern digital camera can do the job adequately, but choose the pictures used carefully to be attractive but honest.

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