Where Do You Find Free Pictures of Kid Models?

Free images of child models are available from online resources such as Dreamstime.com and FreeDigitalPhotos.net, as of 2015. These websites features photos of child models from various ethnic backgrounds and age groups.

Dreamstime.com provides free photos of child models on the runway, at fashion show events, playing and posing with other people such as models posing as their parents, siblings and friends. Portraits of kid models are also available. The royalty free photos provided by Dreamstime.com are approved for use in making fine art prints, website creation, blog articles, newsletters and e-books. These photos may also be used for magazine articles, books, promotional material and movies. One of the stipulations for free material offered by Dreamstime.com is that no more than 10,000 physical copies of any photo are allowed.

Many of the photos on FreeDigitalPhotos.net are of child models outside or against white backgrounds. Images of infant and teen models as well as child silhouettes are also available. The terms for downloading free photos from FreeDigitalPhotos.net are very similar to the terms for Dreamstime.com. The photos are approved for any business, personal or educational purpose. However, the photos offered by this website may be used as many times as needed. Whenever a photo is used, it must be published with an acknowledgment of the photographer and FreeDigitalPhotos.net.