What Is a Phillip Stein Watch?


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Will and Rina Stein, owners of the Philip Stein brand, explain that the Philip Stein watch is a distinctive timepiece that aims to improve its wearer’s quality of life. Philip Stein watches use the Natural Frequency Technology, which is specially programmed to pick up and channel natural frequencies to the wearer’s body and mind.

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Will and Rina Stein share that within a year of launching their brand, customers provided testimonials that the watches have given them better sleep, lessened their tension, improved their concentration and enhanced their moods. The Philip Stein watch was featured on "Oprah" in 2003 as one of Oprah's "Favorite Things." Will and Rina Stein say that the iconic watch they created has become known as the "feel good watch," as it helps people feel better. Philip Stein watches have dual time zone dials and interchangeable straps.

Charlotte Druckman discusses on "Oprah Magazine" that the Philip Stein Teslar Watch works by producing an electromagnetic field that pulses against the wearer's wrist seven to nine times per second. The electromagnetic field mimics the signals sent by the brain when a person is in a state of calm or peak athletic performance. These timepieces and accessories are sold in more than 30 countries across the world.

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