How Do You Perform an ISBN Search?

How Do You Perform an ISBN Search?

Online booksellers, such as Amazon, have search options using ISBN codes. Specialized search engines, such as ISBNSearch, provide information on locating and purchasing titles. The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) system can be used to locate the exact book sought by searching for its unique identifier.

  1. Identify the ISBN number

    A book's ISBN number is typically found printed with a bar code on its cover. Older books have a 10-digit code, and books printed after 2007 have a 13-digit code. Both formats uniquely identify a specific title, though in some cases one ISBN may be assigned to packaged books as a single title. Digital books may have an ISBN listed near the beginning of the file if the publisher registered the book with ISBN International.

  2. Select a search engine

    Many major search engines support ISBN searches, and online booksellers catalog books in their databases with ISBN numbers when available.

  3. Search for the ISBN number

    When searching for the book, type only the ISBN numerals into the search bar. For example, if the ISBN is listed as "ISBN 978-92-95055-02-5," type only "9789295055025," excluding any dashes. Do not add the book's title or other information to the search as this may obfuscate the results. When a book is found, check its listed ISBN against the ISBN that was searched to confirm it is the correct title.