Why Do Some People Claim That Joyce Meyer Is a False Teacher?

Joyce Meyer teaches theology similar to Word of Faith teaching, criticized by many in the Christian church. She has championed several controversial ideas, such as stating that Jesus paid for man's sins in hell rather than on the cross, he was born again and certain tormenting spirits come from specific sins.

The Faith theology preached by Joyce Meyer states that Jesus had to first suffer in hell to atone for man's sins and then be born again. This suffering was a result of Jesus' sacrifice on the cross being insufficient to atone for sins. Furthermore, Meyer has claimed that when Jesus died on the cross, he stopped being the Son of God. These statements are seen by critics as biblically false.

Meyer has also preached before that she is not a sinner, which contradicts various passages in the Bible; for example, 1 John 1:10 states that people who claim they are without sin deceive themselves.

Meyer also states that she gets special revelation and comes up with ideas that are not biblically defensible; for example, angels tell her what to preach, certain jewelry attracts evil spirits, generational spirits torment families for generations over a specific sin and most negative experiences in life are the result of demons. Furthermore, she teaches "name-it-claim-it" theology, which states that people can have what they want if they only have enough faith. Critics claim that when testing these ideas against scripture, her ideas contradict the word of God.

In addition, Meyer is criticized by some for living a lavish lifestyle which includes a large wardrobe of clothing, fancy jewelry and owning expensive houses and a private jet.