Why Do People Believe Beyonce Faked Her Pregnancy?

Why Do People Believe Beyonce Faked Her Pregnancy?

Some people were convinced that Beyonce was faking her pregnancy by a clip of her appearing on a talk show. She walked onto the set with a prominent baby bump, but it seemed to deflate when she bent over to sit down. Doubters alleged that she was wearing a fake stomach and wasn't truly expecting.

Beyonce's appearance on the talk show is only one reason why some people believe her pregnancy was fake. She was seen looking unusually slim in other photographs and videos taken during her pregnancy. Beyonce released a few photos of her pregnant stomach, but her doubters claimed that those photos would be easy for her to fake.

Beyonce is famously private and that may have contributed to the questions. Some people have long believed that the singer is several years older than she claims to be, and others believe that her younger sister, Solange, is actually Beyonce's daughter. Some speculated that Solange had actually carried the baby.

Another theory is that the baby was the result of an affair between Beyonce's husband Jay Z and another woman, and that Beyonce faked her own pregnancy and adopted the resulting child to avoid negative press.

Blue Ivy Carter was born on January 7, 2012. Her birth date fueled the doubts of some people, as Beyonce had previously said her due date was in February.