Who Are the People Behind the Scenes of "Revenge?"?

Series creator and executive producer Mike Kelley and executive producers Marty Bowen, Mark B. Perry and Melissa Loy are some of the people who have worked behind the scenes of “Revenge.” Dozens of professionals work off camera directing, casting, creating music or handling costumes.

After "Revenge’s" second season, Mike Kelley handed over show-runner duties to executive producer Sunil Nayar. Other executive producers on “Revenge” include Wyck Godfrey, Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts. These producers oversee all aspects of production on the show and delegate parts of their duties to other types of producers. Such producers include Stephen Sassen, Nikki Toscano and co-producer Ted Babcock, who are given individual producer credits only for episodes on which they work.

Directors guide the cast and crew through each scene of an episode, and most “Revenge” directors only direct a few. Kenneth Fink, Bobby Roth, Matt Beesley and J. Miller Tobin are the exception, having each directed at least six episodes.

Casting for the main, recurring and guest actors was handled by Elizabeth Barnes and Corbin Bronson from 2011 to 2013. It was then handed over to Lisa Soltau. Jill M. Ohanneson and Sandy Kenyon handle costumes for the series, and Cynthia Pusheck oversees cinematography. Composer Fil Eisler handles music for “Revenge” with music supervisor Season Kent.