What Are Some Pencil Sketching Techniques?


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Examples of drawing techniques for pencil sketches include hatching, cross hatching, stipping and scumbling. Other techniques are always keeping the pencil sharp and using different types of pencils for different effects.

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Hatching is a technique in which the artist bunches small lines together. This helps create fill color from further away. It is a type of shading technique that you can do lightly or with heavy lines. Cross hatching is the same as hatching, except that the artist adds to the first layer of lines with another layer of lines that flow in the opposite direction.

Cross hatching is also a shading technique and it helps add darker shades to a pencil drawing. You can add multiple layers of cross hatching to any area of a drawing for increased depth. However, layering cross hatching is not recommended for sketches that you intend to blend.

Stipping is a technique in which the artist bunches tiny dashes together. This is a shading technique that works well for small areas such as eyes and facial hair. You can blend and stip if the pressure is light enough. Scumbling is a technique in which the artist moves the pencil in small circular motions. This technique works well for light shading and blending.

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