What Is the PBS Show "Wild Kratts" About?


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"Wild Kratts" is a children's educational show about wildlife and the environment that airs on PBS Kids. The program stars real life brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, who have worked with PBS Kids in the past to produce other children's nature programs, such as "Kratts' Creatures" and "Zoboomafoo."

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The aim of "Wild Kratts" is to provide young children with an educational program that is both entertaining and informative. The show consists of live action and animated sequences featuring the brothers. The live action segments begin each episode. The Kratt Brothers usually then imagine an encounter with a creature like one they have never had before, which leads to the animated segment, in which the brothers are free to engage in new encounters with wildlife such as caracals and draco lizards.

A team of scientists help the Kratt Brothers overcome obstacles and escape from dangerous situations. Inventor and scientist Aviva Corcovado leads the team, which produces such items for the brothers as Creature Power Suits. These suits enable Chris and Martin to fly with birds and swim into the hidden recesses of the sea.

The show's website contains a number of activities and apps for kids, including games, videos and the Creaturepedia.

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