PBS Kids is the children’s television programming branch of the Public Service Broadcasting network. As of 2015, PBS Kids offers children's programs, including “Sesame Street,” “Thomas & Friends” and “Wild Kratts,” on 356 public broadcasting stations across the United States.

“Sesame Street” is a popular program known for using humor, celebrity guests and Jim Henson’s Muppets to educate children. The series premiered in 1969 and has aired on PBS since its debut. As of 2014, "Sesame Street" has won 159 Emmy Awards.

“Thomas & Friends” began airing on PBS in 1984 as “Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends.” The British television program, based on a series of books called “The Railway Series,” follows the fictional adventures of a group of locomotives and other vehicles.

“Wild Kratts” is an animated show, created and produced by brothers Chris and Martin Kratt, that educates children about animals and ecology by showing the brothers saving animals from danger or helping them overcome challenges.

PBS Kids offers a website at PBSKids.org, for children to write, create art and play videos and interactive games. PBS Kids also offers resources to parents and teachers and sponsors literacy events. PBS Kids creates curriculum-based entertainment using media and technology to provide children with positive role models and empower them with knowledge and critical thinking.