How Do You Pay for a Popular Mechanics Subscription?

How Do You Pay for a Popular Mechanics Subscription?

Subscribers to technology magazine Popular Mechanics can purchase a subscription to both a print and digital edition through the publisher's website under the Subscribe tab. The website's online payment platform accepts Visa, American Express, MasterCard and Discover.

Subscribers must provide personal information — name, address, email and a phone number — when signing up for a subscription. A card issued by a major credit card company is required to complete the transaction.

Since 2013 Popular Mechanics has published 10 magazines yearly. As of July 2013, the subscription rate was $13 for both a delivered print edition and access to an online edition. A single subscription to either the print or digital edition is $12.

According to company policy, subscription renewal is automated and will continue without interruption unless the subscriber chooses to cancel the subscription or opt out of the automatic pay option. Subscription rates are subject to change.

Access to one's Popular Mechanics account is available through the magazine's customer service website. There readers can, among other things, edit payment information, submit a change of address form, temporarily delay delivery, or cancel a subscription. They can also stop or change the frequency of both digital and print materials such as promotional offers sent by the magazine's publishing company.

Popular Mechanics's customer service's phone number is 800-333-4948.