How Does Paula Patton Maintain Her Bikini Body?


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Paula Patton maintains her bikini body with a combination of diet and exercise, including cardio each day, such as running on a treadmill, and lifting weights and performing ab exercises. In addition to working out on a regular basis, Patton eats a diet that focuses on vegetables, including a daily salad, and green tea. Although Patton follows her exercise and diet plan, she relies on a personal trainer to make recommendations and changes when needed.

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Patton's main workout routine involves a warm up with a brief cardio and stretching circuit. First, she jogs or runs for 2 to 3 minutes, either on a treadmill or outside. After that, she stops to perform some full body stretches; this cycle repeats three times.

After warming up, Patton moves on to weights. She lifts dumbbells in a series of repetitions; a complete set involves doing 25 squats while moving 3 to 5-pound weights overhead and down the back, like a pulley, keeping the abs, thighs and triceps firm.

Next, Patton performs the same routine but does it lifting in front of her body. She then does kick touches to the ground, followed by a set of reverse arm lunges. Following this, Patton performs approximately 15 to 20 push-up-to-plank combinations and finishes with a set of 25 abdominal V-ups, which are essentially sit ups that involve squeezing the stomach and ab muscles to form the shape of a V.

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