What Are Some Facts About Pastor Tony Smith?

Pastor Tony Smith is a highly controversial preacher from Atlanta, Georgia, and the leader of Victorious Ministries International. Smith is most well-known for his television program that is broadcast on public access cable channels in the Atlanta area and over the Internet through video sites such as YouTube. Smith's message is also available online at the Victorious Ministries International website.

One of Smith's most controversial positions is his view of women. Smith believes that a woman should not wear makeup, dress in provocative clothing or do anything else that draws attention to her appearance. Smith advocates that women should stay in the home performing domestic duties and be ready to serve their husbands sexually whenever asked.

Smith claims that he is the only true pastor in the United States and has been known to use derogatory terms when describing other religious leaders throughout the country. He is also critical of religious voices that advocate forgiveness of sins and instead preaches in a way that is more confrontational and critical of sinners.

Smith was arrested in 2012 for allegedly molesting two young girls. One of the alleged victims is a relative of Smith's. The alleged abuse took place over the course of two years. Smith has also been at the center of several other scandals and allegations of nefarious conduct, although the veracity of these claims has not been proven, as of 2015.