What Are Some Paintings by Robert Wood?

Robert W Wood, an American landscape painter born in England, painted numerous vivid scenes from all over the American landscape, but some of his most unforgettable paintings were inspired by his earliest home state of Texas: "Spring Bluebonnets," "Texas Spring," "Shady Path" and "Texas Lake," among others. He was also very productive when he moved to California and painted "California Spring" "Rolling Surf," "Laguna Shore" and "Midsummer Sunset," all of which are considered significant components of his artistic oeuvre.

Robert Wood was active as a professional landscape painter for almost six decades, and during most of that time, he was considered the most prolific and best-known of American landscape painters. He had an eye for detail, and he was able to articulate the sometimes raw and untamed beauty of natural and rural America, especially ocean scenes and landscapes.

Settling down in Texas gave him the opportunity to observe the great variety of terrains and landscapes on offer, and thus paint familiar scenes like the fields of blue lupin, possibly the inspiration for "Blue Lupin of Texas," as well as the red oaks of Central Texas. Wood’s paintings of the Carmel Coast, such as "Coast of Carmel" and "Sunset," seem to show his awareness of the Impressionist style of painting in their softness and delicacy. His sketching trips into mountains resulted in paintings that built his reputation with collectors, including "Sunrise in the Sierra" and "Owens Valley."