What Are Some Painting Ideas for Kids?


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Painting ideas for kids include handprint apples, mirror image butterflies and bonfire painting. Supplies for these projects include multiple colors of paint, a black crayon or pencil, plain white paper and a paint tray. Appropriate painting projects vary depending on the age and skill level of the kids.

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To make a handprint apple, the child places his palm in red paint and then firmly presses his palm onto a sheet of white paper to make the apple. He places his thumb in green paint, and presses it onto the top of the apple to create the stem.

For mirror image butterflies, the child folds a piece of paper in half and draws the outline of half a butterfly using a pencil or a black crayon. He cuts out this outline and unfolds it. He places this outline on another piece of paper and traces it. He then paints the inside numerous colors and attempts to match the colors of both sides. Another option is painting one side and folding the paper to press the colors onto the other side.

To make a bonfire painting, the child squirts yellow paint on a piece of paper and uses a tissue to spread the paint outwards. He repeats this process with orange and red paint, using less paint each time, to create the bonfire.

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