How Do You Paint Trees?

How Do You Paint Trees?

Learn to paint trees by researching them. Find a specific tree to paint, and learn about its anatomy and other trees of the same species. Next, learn the different shapes of trees, what they mean and, finally, break the tree down into its components.

  1. Choose a tree to paint

    Find a tree that you are interested in painting and make a sketchbook of notes, sketches and bits of the bark and leaves. Next, use a comprehensive tree identification guide to learn about the tree and its species. Find descriptions of the tree, and compare them to how you see it.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the tree

    Identify the overall shape and appearance of the tree. Take note if the tree is short and spherical or tubular and thin. Study the root system of the tree and the state of its overall health.

  3. Paint the tree

    Break the tree into its separate components. You may add character to the trunk by painting it sideways. When painting the branches, avoid making the tree symmetrical. Leave gaps, and create depth by crossing branches over each other. Paint the leaves as a group rather than as individual objects. Take notice of the variations in the color of the bark as it is rarely a uniform brown.