How Do You Paint Plum Blossoms?

How Do You Paint Plum Blossoms?

To paint plum blossoms, start by painting a collection of wiry branches and adding soft circles of light pink and red in clumps of five along the branches. Final details of yellow and green dots can be added at the end for dimension. This painting usually takes around two hours to complete and requires watercolor paper, watercolors and brushes.

  1. Collect the materials

    Gather watercolor paper; brown, gray, pink, red, yellow and green watercolors; water and various sizes of watercolor brushes.

  2. Paint the branches

    Use your biggest paint brush to paint the trunk of the tree diagonally across the paper with the brown and gray watercolors. Paint with the side of the brush for a wide stroke. Using the tip of the brush, paint smaller branches extending in all directions from the trunk. Let the paint dry before adding other colors.

  3. Paint the flowers

    Add small, soft circles all over the branches in light pink. Paint groupings of five circles to represent full blooms and single circles to represent buds. Accent the outside of the circles with red. Use water on the brush to blend the pink and red together.

  4. Add the final details

    Finish the painting by dotting the inside of the full blooms with tiny yellow circles. Also paint small green leaves among the blooms and buds along the branches.