How Do You Paint Pictures of Houses on Ornaments?

How Do You Paint Pictures of Houses on Ornaments?

Painting a picture of a house on an ornament involves preparing the ornament and finding a simple picture of a house to copy. The necessary materials are acrylic paint, paint brushes and glass ornaments.

Prepare the glass ornament before painting its surface. Mix equal parts vinegar and water. Use a soft cloth to clean the surface of the ornament with the vinegar solution, and allow it to dry completely.

Prepare a work area by covering the surface in newspaper or plastic. Pour small amounts of the acrylic paint into cups. Have a cup of water and paper towels to clean the brush in between colors.

To paint the house, use black paint to draw a rectangle. Paint a line two-thirds of the way across the rectangle. Still using black, make an outline for the roof inside the rectangle in the larger section. Draw the roof line and rectangle for the front door in the smaller section. Use the black paint to outline windows and a chimney.

Use a simple painted picture of a house as a model to add details to the painting. Folk art paintings of houses are often relatively easy to copy. Likewise, has several pictures of simple house drawings that would be easy to use as a model.

After painting the house onto the ornament, allow the paint to dry completely, and then string a decorative ribbon through the hanger.