How Do You Paint a Mural in a Children's Room?


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To paint a mural in a children's room, start by planning the details, producing a scaled-down version of the idea, preparing the surface and measuring the location. The next steps involve painting the background, filling in additional elements, adding details and coating it with a clear sealer.

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To plan the project, start by selecting the location, choosing the desired type of paint and getting the right amount of it, getting the right application tools, and choosing a design. Next, use a photograph or sketch to measure the distances and location points in the mural. The next step is to clean and prime the selected wall. Painting high walls can require scaffolding.

Now, measure and mark the wall with the locations of the background features of the mural. Paint the background features, and allow the base coats to dry. When the paint is dry, mark out the foreground elements of the mural by using the scaled pictures. Working from the back of the picture to the front, fill in the foreground elements. Be sure to let each layer of paint dry before painting directly next to it or over it, unless blending is desired.

Fill in additional details with the right type of brush, and fix any errors such as a drips or runs. Let everything dry, and paint over it with a clear coat of protective sealer.

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