How Do You Paint a Mural?


To paint a mural, gather the materials, and then put the image on transparency paper. Project the image onto the wall, and trace the lines. Fill in the pattern with paint, and let the mural dry.

  1. Gather your materials

    You need an overhead projector, transparency paper, a black marker, a roll of masking tape, a pencil, painter's tape, paint brushes, foam rollers, a small artist's brush and paint. You should also select the image or pattern for the wall.

  2. Transfer the image to transparency paper

    Draw or trace the image onto transparency paper with a black marker. If it is a photograph, go to a local copy center to have it transferred onto transparency paper.

  3. Project the image

    Put the transparency paper on the glass of the projector, and turn the projector on to project the image on the wall. Turn the lights off. Move the projector around so that the image is at the desired size and position on the wall.

  4. Trace the lines

    Trace the projected lines on the wall. Use a pencil so the lines won't be visible through the paint.

  5. Fill in the pattern

    Fill in the traced pattern with paint. Use foam rollers for larger sections and a small artist's brush for detailed sections.

  6. Let the paint dry

    Let the paint of the mural dry for up to three hours. Use the small paint brush for touch-ups.