How Do I Paint Ghost Flames?

To paint ghost flames on a car or motorcycle, first sand the area to paint so the surface will hold the paint. Then, outline the shape of the ghost flames using thin tape. Using the outline, fill in the flames with the desired color. Once the paint dries, remove the tape.

  1. Sand the surface

    Sand down the surface area with dry or wet sand paper so it is ready for painting. Then, use a tack cloth and wipe down the area to remove any stray debris so the surface is clean.

  2. Outline the flames

    There are two ways to outline flames. Either tracing paper or thin tape can be used. For the tape method, use tape to outline the shape of the flames freehand on the car or motorcycle. To use tracing paper, place the paper over the hood of the car and tape it down. Next, using either chalk or pencil, draw the shape of the flames. Finally, remove the paper from the hood and use an X-acto knife to cut the shape of the flames out of the paper. The paper can then be used as an outline for painting.

  3. Paint the flames

    If using tape, paint the area inside the tape to create the flames on the hood. If using tracing paper, tape the tracing paper to the hood of the car, and then either airbrush or paint the open space. Once finished, let the paint dry, and then remove the tape or tracing paper.