How Do You Paint Flowers?

How Do You Paint Flowers?

To paint flowers, select the type of flower you want to paint, arrange the bouquet, photograph the bouquet, determine the basic shape of your flower, evaluate the bouquet as a whole and choose the area of focus. Start with a pencil drawing, and layer the colors. This process takes about five hours and requires fresh flowers, a mister, lighting, a camera, painting supplies and a canvas.

  1. Gather the flowers

    Buy fresh flowers from the florist. Spend plenty of time arranging them the way you would like to portray them on your painting. Mist them with water periodically while you paint to keep them fresh.

  2. Photograph the floral arrangement

    Take several photographs of the arrangement, experimenting with the lighting at different angles. Use the photographs for reference as you paint.

  3. Determine the shapes of your flowers

    Examine your flowers to determine what basic shapes they are. Seeing the underlying structure of the flowers helps to portray them on canvas. Flowers typically are disc-shaped, cone-shaped, sphere-shaped or a combination.

  4. Look at the bouquet

    Evaluate the arrangement of flowers as a whole. Choose one small area of the bouquet as the focus of your painting. The rest of the arrangement can be less detailed in your painting.

  5. Draw the flowers, then paint

    Sketch your flowers onto the canvas. Paint all of the gray and umber shades of the painting first. Then layer on the colors, finishing with the fine details.