How Do You Paint a David Bowie Lightning Bolt on Your Face?

Painting David Bowie's famous lightning bolt makeup on one's own face just takes some tape, eyeliner, face paint and a steady hand. Cream eye shadow may substitute for face paint.

  1. Gather the materials

    Gather some clear tape, a small makeup brush or paintbrush, eyeliner in any color (black looks best), and the face paint or makeup of choice.

  2. Create the lightning bolt shape

    Starting on the forehead, put a long piece of tape between the eyebrows, and another piece at the end of the eyebrow. Then, tape an uneven "W" on the cheek, with the longer side extending to the nose. Take one more smaller piece of tape and place it on the other side of the first piece of tape on the forehead to complete the lightning bolt shape.

  3. Paint the shape

    Use the makeup to paint inside of the tape with the brush. Then remove the tape.

  4. Outline the lightning bolt

    Use the eyeliner to outline the lightning bolt and define its shape.