What Paint Colors Are Offered by House of Kolor?


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Some color paints offered by House of Kolor are the shades of greens, blues, grays and yellows in the KD3000 series. This series also has shades of violet. These mixed colors do not have names, but numbers. For example, one shade of pink is designated KD3047, while another shade of yellow is designated KD3039.

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What Paint Colors Are Offered by House of Kolor?
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Another color series offered at House of Kolor is Shimrin2. These include colors such as Pavo Purple FX Karrier Base with FX PAC's, Re-entry Red and Galaxy Gray. These last two are also basecoats. Additionally, there is a series of Kandy basecoats with names such as cobalt blue, burgundy, Spanish gold, teal and magenta. The Shimrin2 series offers Klassic SG Graphic colors as well. These colors have numbers instead of names. One brilliantly red color is called S2-SG105, while a bright lemon yellow color is S2-SG101. However, in the Digital Kolor Shapes series, these same colors do have names. These include Malise maroon, purple and Molly orange.

House of Kolor also offers glamour metallic colors including lapis blue, stratto blue, Orion silver and cinder red. They also have a Metajuls collection, which features colors in shades of black and gray. These include fine, coarse or pale gold, and Orion silver in shades of fine or coarse platinum. Pearlized colors include cherry, lake violet and tangelo, as well Sherwood, which is a type of dark green.

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