How Do You Paint a Classic Clown Face?


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Create a classic clown look using white, black and red paint to exaggerate the eyes, mouth and nose. First, use a black grease pencil to outline shapes around the eyes and mouth, and then fill in these shapes with white paint. Outline the white areas with black paint, and finish the look by applying red paint to the mouth, cheeks and nose.

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Use a black grease pencil to outline domes above each eye. Begin about 1/2 inch past the outside corner of one eye, and draw the dome over the eyebrow to a peak about halfway between the eyebrow and hairline. Continue the dome down to the inside corner of the same eye. Draw another identical dome over the other eye. Use the pencil to outline the mouth, drawing an exaggerated open-mouth smile shape around the lips.

Use a makeup sponge to spread a layer of white base makeup inside the eye domes and mouth shape. The makeup should fully cover the eyebrows. Consider setting the base makeup by applying theatrical face powder with a powder puff.

Use an application brush to outline the eyebrows and mouth in black paint. Run the brush around the edges of the white shapes. You may also draw vertical lines from the upper eyelid to near the top of the dome. Use a clean makeup sponge to dab red paint on the nose and the apples of the cheeks. Apply red lipstick or more red paint to the lips. Complete the look by correcting any smudges.

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