How Do You Paint Abstract Art?

How Do You Paint Abstract Art?

Paint abstract art by focusing your painting on the depiction of colors and forms, rather than the depiction of actual images. Instead of seeking to portray recognizable objects, seek a more expressive style by portraying various shapes and textures.

  1. Gather art supplies

    Gather all needed supplies so that they are easy to access during the painting process. These supplies include a canvas or other surface to paint on, paints, paint brushes or other tools to apply paint, a work area, a protective cover for the work area, and paint brush cleaning supplies. Feel free to use additional items besides paint to add texture and interest to the painting.

  2. Start painting

    There is a lot of freedom in abstract painting. One method is to plan ahead how you want the painting to look and pursue this goal from start to finish. Another method is to simply start putting paint on the canvas without a clear goal in mind. Either method can work well for creating amazing abstract art. Whether or not there is a grand plan for the painting, don't get bogged down in detail. Be ready to make a mess, painting freely and expressively.

  3. Add finishing touches

    Add more interest to the painting by letting the first layer of paint dry, and then adding another layer. Additional layers add depth, texture and variation.