What Is an Overview of the Life of Maximo Ramos?

Maximo Ramos is a noted Philippine author whose books appear on the Goodreads site and Amazon.com. Some of the books he has written include "Patricia of the Green Hills and Other Stories and Poems," "The Aswang Complex in Philippine Folklore," "Boyhood in Monsoon Country" and "The Creatures of Midnight."

Maximo Ramos provides an insight of his own boyhood in the book, "Boyhood in Monsoon Country." The author recounts his youth in a small coastal area in northwest Luzon in the Philippines. The book, which was published in 1976, reveals a glimpse into rural living in the Philippines during the early 1900s. A glossary of Iloko terms is included in the book.

Iloko or Ilocano is the primary language spoken in the northern Philippines. The 2005 U.S. Census states that around 8 million people speak the language as their mother tongue. Another 2 million people speak Ilocano as a second language. The language is referred to as the national language of northern Filipinos. A large number of people in Hawaii, Alaska, California and Washington speak Ilocano as well. The language is related to the Philippine language of Tagalog and distantly associated with the Polynesian, Malay and Hawaiian languages.

In the Iloko language, there is no equivalent word for the greeting of "Hello." Instead, Filipinos who speak the language greet another person by asking how they are.