How Do You Find Out the Value for Vintage Haeger Pottery?


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The most accurate way to determine the value of a piece of Haeger pottery is to find three similar, if not the same, items that have sold recently and use the average of those prices to calculate the current value. OldAntiquePottery.info postulates that the value of an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, ergo, an average of three recently-sold, exact or similar items serve as the most reliable valuation guide.

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The first steps in determining a viable price for a piece of Haeger pottery is to identify the type of piece it is accurately and confirm it is a genuine article. For instance, determine whether the particular item in question is classified as a bowl, an ashtray or a candy dish. Kovels.com is a reputable source to aid in categorization, while creating a free account is necessary to obtain their price valuation, information about an object's attributes and classification are readily available on their website and do not require an account to view.

After determining the classification of a piece, it is necessary to insure that it is a genuine piece of pottery from Haeger Potteries. Typically potters use specific markings that signify certain characteristics about a piece, such as when or where it was made. Using a pottery markings guide, cross-reference the markings on the object with markings outlined in the guide. Many times a pottery's website contains a list of its markings by year or potter.

Once the piece is categorized and has proven to be genuine, locate similar or the same recently sold pieces. Common available resources include RubyLane.com, JustArtPottery.com and even eBay.

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