How Do You Find Out What Song Is on a Particular Commercial?

How Do You Find Out What Song Is on a Particular Commercial?

Find out what song is on a particular commercial by using smartphone applications such as MusicID or Shazam. These apps are designed to identify songs by using their respective databases and can be used by simply holding the smartphone running the app close to a TV while the commercial plays.

After downloading the Shazam app to your smartphone, tap the blue button when you hear the commercial whose song you wish to identify. This tags the song in the app. Tagging requires a connection to the Internet, but if you are offline, the app will save the tagged song and make an attempt to identify it when you have a connection.

Shazam attempts to identify the tagged song from its large database of music. After the song has been identified, the app provides additional information about the song and band and allows you to play a sample of the song. You can also follow along with the lyrics as the song plays.

Tap the iTunes button from within the app to visit the iTunes store, and immediately purchase the song the app has identified. If the song is available on these apps and you have them installed, you can also play the song on Beats Music, Rdio and Spotify.

If you have friends who use Shazam, you can view what they have been listening to and what they have tagged via Facebook, but this feature is optional.