How Do You Find Out Who Your Godparent Is?


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The best way to find out who a person's godparent is to simply ask his or her parents or another family member. Godparents are usually chosen by the parents when the person is a newborn.

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In Christianity, a godparent traditionally was named to sponsor a child's baptism. The godparent was pivotal in the child's religious upbringing and sponsored the child's entrance into the church. Those who practice the Catholic religion, especially, are more traditional when it comes to naming godparents and their responsibilities. If a child does not know who his or her godparents are, and cannot obtain this information from family members, the church may have a written record of the baptism that references the names of the godparents.

Other religions, however, are not as formal. Rather than a godparent being instrumental in a child's religious upbringing, they simply play a role in the child's upbringing and his or her personal development. Quite often, the parents name one or both of the godparents as their child's legal guardian, in the event that something happens to the parents. If this is the case, Robert Fleming, an Arizona lawyer, recommends the parents review that choice on a regular basis. While the original choice may be appropriate as a godparent, the situation may have changed, making that person not the best choice as a legal guardian.

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