What Are Some Original Series by Showtime?


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Showtime has produced a number of original series, many of them acclaimed, including "The Borgias," "The Tudors," Californication" and "Dexter." "The Borgias" is a three-season series about the notorious Borgia family, whose matriarch, Rodrigo, became Pope Alexander. "The Tudors" follows the Tudor dynasty, led by infamous King Henry VIII, famous for being married to six women and breaking England free from the Roman Catholic Church after the pope refused to annul his fruitless marriage to Catherine of Aragon. .

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"Californication" stars "X-Files" frontman David Duchovny, a womanizing writer, and "Dexter" follows the life of a serial killer/forensic pathologist who exacts justice on other killers. Other Showtime original series include "Ray Donovan," a man who works for the elite in Los Angeles, helping them cover up their dirty deeds. "Nurse Jackie" is a popular original series from Showtime, featuring Edie Falco as a nurse unafraid to bend the rules. The Showtime series "Penny Dreadful" is set in Victorian England and features a blending of characters from the classic horror genre, including Dr. Frankenstein. "Weeds" is a popular series featuring a mother who turns to dealing drugs to support her family after the death of her husband. "Homeland" follows the life of a CIA officer on various missions.

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