In What Order Were the Books of Mary Monroe Published?


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Mary Monroe has written 17 novels as of 2014, beginning with "The Upper Room," published in 1985. Some of her novels are prequels to existing novels so the publishing order is different from the books' chronological order.

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Mary Monroe is an American novelist best known for her series "God Don't Like Ugly" and her concurrently published series "Mama Ruby." Her first book, "The Upper Room," was a bestseller that begins the "Mama Ruby" series. Her second book, called "God Don't Like Ugly," begins the second series of the same name. It was published in 2000, winning the Oakland Pen Award for Best Fiction of the Year. Her next books comprising both series, in publication order, are "Gonna Lay Down My Burdens," for which Monroe won the Best Southern Author Award in 2004, "God Still Don't Like Ugly," "Red Light Wives" and "In Sheep's Clothing."

Monroe's next novel, "God Don't Play," was her first New York Times Bestseller. It was followed by "Borrow Trouble," "Deliver Me From Evil," "Company We Keep" and "She Had It Coming." Her next book, "God Ain't Blind," published in 2009, was also a bestseller, followed by "God Ain't Through Yet," "Mama Ruby," "God Don't Make Mistakes" and "Lost Daughters."

"Family of Lies" is her last book, as of 2014.

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