What Is the Order of the Walt Longmire Series?

What Is the Order of the Walt Longmire Series?

Season and episode numbers identify the order of the "Longmire" television series. The segments highlight a murder each episode solved by lead character Sheriff Walt Longmire and his deputies. A continuing backstory follows Longmire as he deals with the effects of his wife's death. As of 2015, the show has four seasons and 43 episodes.

The "Longmire" pilot introduces Sheriff Longmire, Deputy Victoria Moretti, Walt's daughter Cady and his best friend, Henry Standing Bear. Walt takes nothing for granted as the first season evolves through a multiple child abduction case in "Dog Soldier," a bear mauling in "The Worst Kind of Hunter" and tribal politics in "Dogs, Horses and Indians." The season finale involves the murder of young rapists in "Unfinished Business," which culminates in surprising information about Walt's wife and shows a darker side to the Sheriff.

The second season includes 13 episodes, beginning with "Unquiet Mind," in which Walt attempts to rescue hostages while facing the elements, hallucinations and his guilt. Additional segments involve Wyoming's Basque population in "Death Came in Like Thunder," trick clues in "Tell it Slant," fracking issues in "Tuscan Red" and a severed finger in "A Good Death is Hard to Find." The finale, "Bad Medicine," forces Walt and Henry to confront their actions.

The third season opens with Henry jailed, Walt's deputy shot and a possible spirit suspect in "The White Warrior." Criminal cases include lost campers in "In the Pines," the reappearance of a missing man in "Reports of my Death" and a questionably justifiable shooting in "Counting Coup." The season finale, "Ashes to Ashes," wraps up outstanding story lines as the series comes to a close due to cancellation.

After being picked up by Netflix in 2015, the show filmed a fourth season of 10 episodes, which debuted on Sept. 10, 2015.