What Order Do the "Tim Dorsey" Books Go In?


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Within the story line's chronology, the first five books of Tim Dorsey's "Serge Storm" series are "Triggerfish Twist," "Florida Roadkill," "Hammerhead Ranch Motel," "The Stingray Shuffle" and "Orange Crush," respectively. The last five books are "The Riptide Ultra-Glide," "Tropical Warning: An Original Serge Storms Story and Other Debris," "Tiger Shrimp Tango," "Shark Skin Suite" and "Coconut Cowboy."

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The early books of the "Serge Storm" series were released out of chronological order. The first book to be published was "Florida Roadkill" in 1999. Within the story line, this book is preceded by "Triggerfish Twist," which was actually released in 2002. "Stingray Shuffle" was published in 2003 but takes place before 2001's "Orange Crush."

Books six through 10 are "Cadillac Beach," "Torpedo Juice," "The Big Bamboo," "Hurricane Punch" and "Atomic Lobster." These were all published in the correct chronological order. Books 11 through 15 were also published in correct chronological order. They are "Nuclear Jellyfish," "Gator A-Go-Go," "Electric Barracuda," "When Elves Attack" and "Pineapple Grenade."

The last five novels were published in chronological order, but book 19 is actually the 20th book in the series. This is because "Tropical Warning: An Original Serge Storms Story and Other Debris," the 17th book chronologically, is titled as book number 16.5.

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