How Do You Order Scholastic SeeSaw Club Books?


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The best way to order books from any of Scholastic's reading clubs is through its website, Scholastic.com. Create an account using your name and the name of your school to access Scholastic's order form as well as other teaching resources and information about its rewards program.

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Scholastic offers several reading club programs based on grade level. The SeeSaw reading club is aimed at kindergarten and first grade students, containing handpicked books from several different genres. The Scholastic reading clubs are designed specifically for teachers, allowing teachers to order books for an entire class or manage individual orders and payments from parents.

Your first order comes with book catalogs you can send home with your students. You can also request catalogs at any time from the website. Scholastic adds new books every month, and the catalogs are filled with age-appropriate books for your grade level. Once the students and their parents send you their book choices, you can place an order on Scholastic's website.

Scholastic allows you to enter your student's names when ordering and assign books to them. The books are then mailed directly to your school, organized by student name. Additionally, each order accrues bonus points that can be used to earn free books for your classroom and discounts on future orders.

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