How Do You Order From a Radio Shack Catalog?

How Do You Order From a Radio Shack Catalog?

Due to the rise in popularity of online shopping, RadioShack stopped printing product catalogs in 2003. Orders are now either made in store or on the company's website.

Electronics retailer RadioShack was founded in 1921 and its first product catalog was printed in 1939. RadioShack stopped taking mail orders from the catalog in 1962, when the company almost went bankrupt. They were saved from closing by the Tandy Corporation, who purchased the company and ended the expensive mail order service.

Even without the mail order business, RadioShack continued to produce and mail out catalogs to customers, only they were now advertisements of things that could be purchased in-store. The catalogs were usually issued yearly, though two catalogs were sent out to customers in some years.

In 2003, RadioShack lost millions of dollars after investing in a failed technology. This loss, combined with the increase in popularity of online shopping, forced them to stop sending the catalog out across the nation for good. The company produced an in-store catalog for two years, but it was only for employees and was not made available to the public.

As of 2015, Radio Shack has filed for bankruptcy and plans to close 1,784 of its U.S. stores.