In Which Order Do the Novels by Tim Dorsey Belong?

In Which Order Do the Novels by Tim Dorsey Belong?

Tim Dorsey's novels belong in publication order, beginning with "Florida Roadkill," published in 1999, and ending with "Shark Skin Suite" as of 2015. They are not intended to be read in linear order because the series contains back stories and flashbacks.

Tim Dorsey is an American novelist known for his Serge Storms series, which comprises 20 titles as of 2015. The books are in the action and adventure genre and in the crime subgenre. Serge Storms is the series' protagonist who battles mental illness while he participates in crime-solving hijinks in Florida.

On his official website, Dorsey recommends the first five titles be read in publication order, which is "Florida Roadkill," "Hammerhead Ranch Motel," "Orange Crush," "Triggerfish Twist" and "The Stingray Shuffle."

Dorsey provides a list of his book titles in chronological order on his website so readers can see "why dead people show up in later books," after he provides the list in publication order. He recommends that readers think of his series like Star Wars because of the later titles set during an earlier time. Some additional titles in the series are "Cadillac Beach," "Torpedo Juice," "The Big Bamboo" and Hurricane Punch."

The Florida setting for the series is significant. Dorsey worked for "The Tampa Tribune" until 1999 and incorporated his knowledge of the state, its history and news into his books. Other crime authors whose books are set in Florida are John MacDonald and Carl Hiaasen, whom Dorsey has been compared to.

In an interview, Dorsey said of Florida where his series is set, "Outrageous crime plots ... are but thinly veiled reflections of what fills our newspapers down here every day." He also said of Florida, "The books' satire ...provides a cathartic vent to keep me sane in my home state."