What Is the Order of the Gabriel Allon Series?


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The first five books of the Gabriel Allon series by Daniel Silva are "The Kill Artist," "The English Assassin," "The Confessor," "Death in Vienna" and "Prince of Fire." These are followed by "The Messenger," "The Secret Servant," "Moscow Rules," "The Defector" and "The Rembrandt Affair." The last five books in the series are "Portrait of a Spy," "The Fallen Angel," "The English Girl," "The Heist" and "The English Spy."

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"The Kill Artist" was published in 2000. The protagonist Gabriel Allon, a child of a Holocaust survivor, is an art restorer who comes out of retirement to kill a Palestinian assassin. Throughout the series, Allon's work revolves around Israeli intelligence, an organization known simply as "The Office."

Allon is a polyglot who speaks fluent English, French, German, Hebrew and Italian, as well as passable Arabic and Spanish. Throughout the series, he must cope with his son's death and wife's injuries sustained in a car bombing in 1991.

The series' final book, "The English Spy," was published in 2015. In this installment, a member of the British royal family is killed when a bomb explodes aboard a yacht. Allon targets a master bombmaker, eventually realizing that he is chasing after an old enemy.

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