What Is the Order of the Design Process?


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The order of the design process varies, but it typically includes steps for research, problem definition, concept creation, idea presentation, feedback and refining the product. The design process includes multiple feedback loops, where the last three steps in the procedure are repeated until the end user is satisfied.

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The specifics of the design process depend on companies, individuals and the project at hand. In a large corporation, the research and definition stages may not be part of the designer's workload. Instead, these steps may be replaced by a creative brief from the client. Some designers split the concept creation stage into two components: one done by hand and one that is computer-aided.

The scope and type of project determines the amount of time it takes to cycle through the design process. Designing a logo often requires multiple iterations before the client is happy, so it can take longer than the design cycle for a simple brochure. The client or end user plays a significant role in the process's speed. Clients who procrastinate or fail to provide effective feedback slow down the process. Since complex end products have demanding requirements, designers frequently add extra stages to the process to define the restrictions and requirements for the project.

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