What Is the Order of Deborah Crombie's Books?

What Is the Order of Deborah Crombie's Books?

Deborah Crombie's first book is "A Share In Death," followed by "All Shall be Well," "Leave the Grave Green," "Mourn Not Your Dead," "Dreaming of the Bones" and "Kissed a Sad Goodbye." A full list of her books is available on the Books page of DeborahCrombie.com, as of June 2015.

Visitors to DeborahCrombie.com can click on The Books to view every book in order, with the most recent books listed first.

Crombie writes the Duncan Kincaid/Gemma James series. "Kissed a Sad Goodbye" is followed by "A Finer End," "And Justice There Is None," "Now May You Weep," "In A Dark House" and "Water Like A Stone." The series continued with "Where Memories Lie," "Necessary as Blood," "No Mark upon Her," "The Sound of Broken Glass" and "To Dwell in Darkness."

The mystery series takes place in the United Kingdom. Crombie visited the United Kingdom after finishing college university and lived there for a period of time before moving back to Dallas, where she was born. A trip back to Yorkshire inspired her to write the first book in the series. It follows Duncan Kincaid, the Scotland Yard superintendent, and his assistant, Sergeant Gemma James.

Crombie also contributed to "The Sunken Sailor." This book, released in 2004, was written by 14 mystery writers. Each wrote one chapter, then sent the manuscript to the next writer.