What Is the Order of the Dave Robicheaux Series?

What Is the Order of the Dave Robicheaux Series?

There are 20 books in the Dave Robicheaux series by James Lee Burke. "The Neon Rain," "Heaven's Prisoners," "Black Cherry Blues," "A Morning for Flamingos," and "A Stained White Radiance" are the first five books of the series. The final 5 books are "The Tin Roof Blowdown," "Swan Peak," "The Glass Rainbow," "Creole Belle" and "Light of the World."

"A Stained White Radiance is followed by "In the Electric Mist With Confederate Dead," "Dixie City Jam," "Burning Angel," "Cadillac Jukebox" and "Sunset Limited." Books 11-15 are "Purple Cane Road," "Jolie Blon's Bounce," "Last Car To Elysian Fields," "Crusader's Cross," and "Pegasus Descending."

"The Neon Rain" was published in 1987. The protagonist, Dave Robicheaux, is a Vietnam veteran with a history of alcoholism. He is a deputy sheriff in New Iberia, Louisiana, who becomes entangles with a New Orleans prostitute.

Throughout the series, Robicheaux experiences periods of depression and nightmares. He must cope with murder of his wife, Annie Ballard, and adopts an El Salvadorean orphan named Alafair.

The final book, "Light of the World," was published in 2013. In the book, a sadist and serial killer, Asa Surrette, escapes from a prison transport van and flees to Montana. Robicheaux and his family are also on vacation in Montana and are forced to confront the killer.