What Is the Order of the Bolitho Novels?

What Is the Order of the Bolitho Novels?

The Bolitho novels are divided into two series, the Richard Bolitho series followed by the Adam Bolitho series. The Richard Bolitho series contains 25 books beginning with "Richard Bolitho, Midshipman" and ending with "Sword of Honour." The first and second books of the Adam Bolitho series are "Second to None" and "Relentless Pursuit," respectively. The third book is "Man of War," while the fourth and final book is titled "Heart of Oak."

The first through fifth books in the Richard Bolitho series are "Richard Bolitho, Midshpman," "Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger," "Band of Brothers," "Stand into Danger" and "In Gallant Company," published in 1976, 1976, 2005, 1979 and 1977, respectively. The books are nautical fiction novels set during the late 18th century, and the titular character is a member of the Royal Navy.

The next five books are "Sloop of War," "To Glory We Steer," "Command a King's Ship," "Passage to Mutiny" and "With All Despatch." These books were published in 1971, 1968, 1773, 1976 and 1989, respectively. In "With All Despatch," Bolitho has recovered from a tropical disease and is seeking return to active duty in the Navy. The Royal Navy has moved on from its war with the American colonies and is fighting raiders off the coast of Kent.

Books 11 though 15 are titled "Form Line of Battle," "Enemy in Sight," "The Flag Captain," "Signal-Close Action!" and "The Inshore Squadron." Book 15, "The Inshore Squadron" was published in 1977 and is set in Copenhagen in 1800.

Books 16 through 20 are "A Tradition Of Victory," "Success to the Brave," "Colours Aloft!," "Honour This Day" and "The Only Victor."

The last five books of the Richard Bolitho series are "Beyond the Reef," "The Darkening Sea," "For My Country's Freedom," "Cross of St. George" and "Sword of Honour."