What Are Some Options for Watching Hockey Online?


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Some places to watch hockey online include ESPN, ESPN3 and NHL Game Center Live. These all include online live broadcasts and viewing on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

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ESPN and ESPN 3 both allow people to watch sports games live through mobile devices, including hockey games. The original ESPN is available live for people who also have TV subscriptions of the service. They are required to enter their cable television information to access it. This allows TV subscribers to watch their favorite hockey games on-the-go from tablets, laptops or cellphones. For people who are not subscribed to cable or satellite services, ESPN 3 is available. This is for people who are subscribed to Internet service but not television. It is also available live with different types of devices.

NHL Game Center Live also offers live hockey games online. This service has an annual fee to access it with a cellphone, computer, mobile device or a TV-connected streaming device. The annual fee offers live broadcasts of NHL games for the entire season. It also provides replays of the in-market games on the following day after the original broadcast. As of 2015, it is more affordable than other streaming passes available from other companies.

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