How Does Optimum TV to Go Work?


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Optimum TV to Go works by allowing users to watch a variety of shows on their televisions through Internet access or by downloading the Optimum App on their mobile devices. Users should choose Optimum as their Internet provider and provide their Optimum IDs and passwords to watch television shows.

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Optimum requires users to have current Optimum IDs and existing subscriptions to their chosen networks to use TV to Go. Those who forgot their IDs may tune to channel 910 to obtain their IDs. As of 2016, TV to Go features networks such as News12, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime, AMC and Fox Now.

Children's networks available on TV to Go include Cartoon Network, Nick, Sprout and Watch Disney. Encore Play, HBO Go, Max Go and Starz Play are several premium networks. TV to Go also allows customers to watch sports, pop culture and reality shows, and home and leisure networks.

Optimum offers High Definition Television on Optimum TV for customers with configured HDTV sets and HD digital cable boxes. To determine if a cable box is HD-enabled, check for the term "HD" in the model number that appears on the cable box. Optimum features Scientific Atlanta cable boxes, which come in both HD models and standard definition versions.

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